Seven Endorsements For “The Last Sunrise”

Dear Mr. Gordon:

You have added even more meaning to “touching one’s soul.”
I thank you for your book, “The Last Sunrise.”

Sincerely, Jean Hernandez

There are horrors in the history of humans, events so terrible that the mind can not understand them and the soul can not accept them. Mr. Harold Gordon is the survivor of one of these events, the Nazi holocaust.

His book, “The Last Sunrise,” is a story of the invincibility of the human spirit and the ability, which comes from strength of character, to surmount the unscalable. He came of age in a world of barbed wire and barracks, of torture and death. His nature could have been seared in the flames of unforgivable inhumanity. His life could have been devoted to bitter hatred and the search for retribution.

Rather, Mr. Gordon turned his lot into an opportunity to reach others, to forgive, and to teach the message of nonviolence to young people.

As an author and public speaker, he has shown that his personal journey may be a course for others. His message is that if there is desire, there are means to go beyond hatred and violence.

It is without reservation that I wholeheartedly recommend his story for your serious consideration.

Sincerely, William D. Barr,
Monterey County Superintendent of Schools

Dear Harold Gordon:

It was a delight to hear you speak last Sunday at the Home Church. I have been blessed in reading your book, “The Last Sunrise” and I was encouraged to hear you speak.

Thank you for being available to come to San Jose Christian College to speak last March.

Your story has certainly touched the livesof thousands of people, Harold. The story of your early years touched my life in ways that caused me to be grateful for the freedom that I enjoy here in America, and it helped to reorder some priorities, and it assisted me in reminding me of my need to always be willing to forgive.

Bryce Jessup,
President, San Jose Christian College

Dear Mr. Gordon:

We met at your Hartnell Talk. I am the Philosophy Instructor who sat across from you at the post-lecture lunch.

I was deeply moved by your speech, your speaking, your words and your presence. We live in an age where the seriousness of our words, our speaking, is not a concern. I could tell in a few seconds of hearing you speak that you are one of the few for whom the seriousness of language is a moral demand. Your talk at the college had a deeply poetic quality to it; it moved, had the power to move, with its words and beyond its words in vivid images. You have reminded me that man can be a high and noble being as well as debased and evil.

Let me assure you that I speak now, in writing, in complete and reasoned seriousness when I repeat what I told you at Hartnell: You are a miracle Mr. Gordon, as a witness, as a survivor and as a light of hope.

Stay fast in your moral mission for God is a God of justice.

John S. Himelright
Philosophy Instructor, Hartnell College

Dear Harold:

I just finished your book, “;The Last Sunrise.” I felt compelled to write to you and say thank you. I’m a 47-year-old mother of four children and found your book a few weeks ago as I worked in the Walt Disney School library reshelving books.

Your book was signed by you and gave best wishes to Walt Disney School. This intrigued me and I wanted to write and find out how you came to give a signed copy of your book to our school. I love when authors come and talk to the students and your story in particular is so profound.

I know nothing about the Holocaust from anyone personally. Having read your book, I now feel a new understanding. Your book had a tremendous effect on me. Your notes on page 260 made me cry. You made me realize that as true and horrible as your story is, the value for all of mankind today is to see it as lesson t be able“to let go of anger, hatred ... And be able to set aside injustice, wrongdoing, hurt and violations.”

You so bravely endured outrageous conditions and came through it with incredible love in your heart and wrote to show the importance of forgiveness. I'm so grateful to you for your gift.

Thank you for touching my life. I hope that you will come to Walt Disney School in San Ramon and talk to our students about forgiveness.

Marcia Kegel

Dear Harold,

I first read The Last Sunrise a couple of years ago, and I've wanted to write to you ever since. It was riveting -- I just couldn't put it down. The Holocaust has always been of interest to me.

My family is not Jewish. Knowing how the Nazis (and the Stalinists) raped “my” country has always saddened me beyond measure and the camps being in Poland has filled me with shame. Thank you for sharing your story. I pray the world will NOT FORGET. I pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dona Sosnowski Stroshine

Dear Mr. Gordon:

“The Last Sunrise” is a wonderful, inspirational book that enabled me to see the tragedy of the Holocaust through the eyes of a child. “The Last Sunrise” is quite unique in that it describes the conditions prior to the tragic events and vividly describes the horror seen through a child's eyes.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with me.

Michael Goldstein
Chief Executive Officer
Toys “R” Us, Inc., U.S.A